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What is the EDSONIAN?

Ever since I discovered the Internet (and the WWW), browsers, HTML, etc., I knew what this old programmer wanted to do. My inspiration began to take shape when I 'discovered' Tom Carlson's Obsolete Computer Museum , The great vitural Junk Store D'ANTIQUES, David Hick's HP Museum of HP Calculators and Guy Ball's Collecting Calculators sites. They (and others) have inspired me to create the Edsonian, my attempt to combine the best of a collector oriented commercial and museum/research site into one. This is no small feat. If you have never any of these these sites, you know what I mean, they are fantastic. Besides that, I have decided program it myself - learning as I go. Possibly the greatest challenge for anyone.

The entire site is really an attempt as much as anything else to rediscover what I fell in love with long ago... the pure joy of making the machine do what I wanted it to do. Over the years I have lost sight of this and thanks to this technological miracule, I am finding it once again.

Simply put, my goals for the Edsonian are:

  • Preservation of our Rapidly Changing Technology
  • The Research, Discovery, Accumulation and Dissemination of Information
  • The Enhancement of our Knowledge
  • The Recognition and Appreciation of Past Genius
  • The Inspiration and ongoing creation of - what else - Future Wonders!

    A N D

    To make a living doing what I love to do best; searching for, finding and saving Cool Stuff!!!

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